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The new way to organise intelligent conversation classes. Patch App is designed for busy lawyers who need to be super confident speaking English.

High-performance lawyers need more from traditional models

An hour is too long 

In-person training adds zero value

Same tutor reinforces one accent

Make classes shorter

Classes over the phone

Multiple tutors simulate real conditions

Our research found that lawyers have limited time and need to focus on speaking

Make an impact in your law firm

Our exclusive community of lawyers have incredibly complex workloads. We are always available to adapt to their needs quickly.  

Have a quick class anytime, anywhere

Lawyers appreciate our 

Support team 24/7

We can always adapt to the needs of our exclusive community of lawyers

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Lawyers appreciate our 

Support team 24/7

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Join lawyers from top firms now using Patch

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Conversation classes for lawyers to

display excellence when speaking English

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Not ready for a free class?

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Necessary improvement


8 classes per month (billed monthly)

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Multiple tutors

Booking support 

Patch App is not right for very early stage English learners.

Our tutors are selected from leading law and finance faculties. These include Oxford University and the London School of Economics. All of the tutor follow our core values: Care, Attention, Kindness and Energy.

We believe that today you can access so many free traditional 1hr English classes online, so we focus only on speaking. The conversation class is structured so that you speak for most of the call with your tutor.

We are optimistic that small, independently owned tech companies can set an example in the future. We want to create a space where intelligent people from different backgrounds and cultures can come together to discuss interesting topics. Today, too many mobile apps are designed to be addictive, leaving people feeling disconnected and divided. We want to build an app that has a higher purpose. Our goal is to allow busy people to take 15-minutes out of their hectic schedules to engage in meaningful, thought-provoking conversations, while at the same time improve their confidence and fluency in English.

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Explore how your personality affects your job match.


The easy way to know who you can depend on in your team.


Demonstrate excellence to clients with these simple email tips. 


Where does the word "ok" come from and what did it mean?


The 5 trends lawyers can not afford to miss in 2022. 

This week we are talking about these topics:

This week we are

talking about these topics

High-performance lawyers need

more from traditional models



Lawyers with no time want to focus on speaking

without feeling committed to one tutor.

We help lawyers find the time to make super improvements with their English speaking

  • Grow comfortable speaking English
  • Boost your confidence and fluency
  • Stop feeling nervous on international calls

Experience noticeable results

No flexibility

Grammar focus

Same tutor



Tutor variety